Environmental Sustainability Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

At Asian Tigers Group, we do our best to create a positive impact on society and our environment. This Environmental Policy Declaration spells out what we do in this regard in all 13 of our market offices:

Be a Responsible Mover
Conserve Resources
Enhance Awareness
…work diligently to prevent pollution, reduce solid waste, and minimize our environmental footprint.…conserve, reuse and recycle the natural resources used in our international household goods removal services.…continually improve our staff’s environmental awareness, and promote environmental care and protection.
Set and Meet Objectives
Comply with
Review and Improve
…establish and review our objectives & targets to continually improve the effectiveness of our environmental policy.…fully comply with outside environmental standards (e.g., FAIM, etc.), to which the Asian Tigers subscribe.…continually review this policy, to identify areas for further improvement, and to enhance our environmental performance.
  • We minimize the consumption of paper packing materials by recycling clean, undamaged materials that we recover when we deliver inbound shipments to our locations. For local moves, wherever possible we employ reusable materials collected such as plastic bins, wardrobe boxes, fabric blankets instead of corrugated wrap, and felt rather of cardboard floor runners.
  • We actively comply with local laws and regulations regarding environmental protection. Our trucks and other vehicles that we use for pickup and delivery of our shipments are carefully maintained. Non-recyclable waste such as damaged cardboard or wood, and used engine oil is disposed of in accordance with local requirements.
  • In our offices, we recycle paper and reduce electrical consumption to the greatest extent possible. Many of our offices have quality certifications such as ISO 14001, WasteWise, and others.

Environment Commitments

Climate change matters. For the welfare of our future generations, we proactively commit to environmental sustainability and aim to achieve net-zero emissions. We continuously seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices in our business reflected in our Care for Green campaign to re-use or recycle all paper-based materials.

Starting with the largest building in our regional group, the Singapore office has been fully fitted with a solar roof comprising 665 panels covering 1,718 square metres.  The solar energy generated is used to charge electric forklifts and power the air-conditioners in our warehouse and office. With this move alone, we have saved 196 tons of indirect carbon dioxide emissions.

We are working with established providers to implement greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring of our operations and facilities. Our goal is to reduce our carbon emissions even further: by 2035 we are aiming at a 50% reduction of our pre-pandemic emissions levels, and to reach net-zero by 2050. We will also strive to reduce our scope 3 emissions (i.e. indirect emissions that occur in the upstream and downstream activities of the company) by engaging our suppliers and customers, and modifying our packaging materials and designs.

Wildlife Conservation

Since 2009, the Asian Tigers Group has partnered with the WWF to double the population of wild tigers through our Tiger Action Fund - the most ambitious conservation goal ever set for a single species. To date, Asian Tigers Group has donated well over $650,000 USD to help save this magnificent animal from extinction. Our contributions are used to train rangers, support anti-poaching efforts, and promote research and advocacy.

More details on the results of this epic campaign can be found in the Year of the Tiger, 2022 WWF Tigers Alive Annual Report.

Raising Awareness

WWF-Singapore’s AR-mazing Tiger Trail was installed with our support to bring attention to this issue into the mainstream. The three part islandwide trail features 33 life-sized tiger sculptures and two tiger-themed art exhibitions, curated through amalgamating art, culture and conservation. The highly-visual, gamified trail was placed around key landmarks of Singapore, encouraging visitors to further engage with the sculptures and deepening their understanding of the issues.

FIDI Audited

Across all our past FIDI audits, Asian Tigers Group has consistently excelled and surpassed the FIDI environmental targets for ‘Asia Continent’ and ‘Global Industry’.

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