All donations go back to Lyme Patients directly.
Lyme disease is a very hard to diagnose. It took Tavia over 10 years to get ther Lyme Disease diagnosis. The current testing is only 50% accurate, so we need better testing! We also need more people to get tested as soon as symptoms arise. Your donation will help people get the most accurate and fastest test possible.
Furthermore, treatments for Lyme patients is very expensive. Since most treatments are considered “alternative” by the insurance companies, most end up paying out of pocket. Your donation to Fighting Tigers will help give others supplemental money to help get the treatments that are not covered by insurance.
Every dollar you donate will be carefully distributed to a person that is in despearate need to seek help from Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is life changing and is a deadly disease. We need help now!


Individuals can apply for financial help by way of a “Grant”. There is a application where each individual can tell their story as to why they need financial help and how much money they are seeking.
Funds are issued on a case by case basis. Even though an individual may ask for a certain amount, individuals may only receive a % of the necessary amount they are seeking. Fighting Tigers has the right to accept or deny any application with or without  a reason. Funds are limited to the amount available in the Fighting tigers account.


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